SINGLE – Hard in da Paint Remix (MARTyPARTy)


March 18th, 2011


Im a BIG basketball fan if you didnt realize by now. When my friend Max sent me the youtube to this Waka Flocka Flame – Hard in da paint song I almost instantly heard the melodies that became this remix. I was flying from New York to Seattle to start the Monsters of Bass tour and this was the perfect project for the 6 hour flight. I wrote it on headphones – which Im becoming very comfortable with now being that Im on the road so much.

I wanted to capture the energy of the drive to the hoop in basketball which is really a metaphor for everything we do in life. If you gonna do it – do it hard when it counts. This is a purple remix – every 8 bars a melody is introduced – up to 32 bars where the track loops. All sounds were synthesized using Massive. Its really an idea track – delivering the intensity of crunk and hip hop with instrumental polymelodics.

I hope it inspires others to write 144 bpm purple crunk. It gets stuck in my head every time. Hope you enjoy. 🙂


  1. Hard in da paint is off the hook !!

  2. Hard in da paint is off the hook !!

  3. Bigbassroller says:

    Thanks for DL!

  4. Bigbassroller says:

    Thanks for DL!

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