Twisted Summer Mixtape

Twisted Summer Mixtape

To celebrate Summer and the release of the Purple LP I put together a chill mix for y’all to enjoy. This features some tracks from the Purple LP, and is perfect to drift off to.


1. MartyParty – Strictly Business
2. MartyParty – Late Night (with Mimosa)
3. MartyParty – In the game (with Mimosa)
4. MartyParty – Understand Me
5. MartyParty – Because Of You (off Purple Album)
6. MartyParty – On My Level Remix (with Minnesota)
7. MartyParty – Playa Carmen (Off BlueBerry Kush EP)
8. MartyParty – Cocaine (off Strictly Business EP)
9. MartyParty – My Lady Got Me Good (off Purple Album)
10. Drake Remixed by DJ Screw



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