The Purple Album
  • Genre:Purple
  • Release date:31 May 2011

The Purple Album

The first in a series of MartyParty’s signature purple releases, The Purple Album is a 13-track odyssey through panty-dropping sub bass under the curtains of rich futuristic melody. The album includes 3 bonus tracks not in stores.

Grab the free download of “Come With Me” and grab it now from your favorite online retailer.





  1. Eggs and Toast
  2. It’s What I Want
  3. My Lady Got Me Good
  4. I Need U
  5. Come With Me
  6. Because of You
  7. Crossing Missouri
  8. Chicken
  9. Chicago
  10. The Less U Think The More Stuff Blows
  11. Ur So Dirty
  12. Gimme Ur Love
  13. Mackie
  14. BONUS: 808’s
  15. BONUS: Cocaine
  16. BONUS: Strictly Business
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