Six Shots of Jameson
  • Genre:Purple
  • Release date:30 Jan 2012

Six Shots of Jameson

Second in the series of purple music albums, MartyParty brings us Six Shots Of Jameson.

The 12 track drama follows the energy and emotion of the club night. Once again we see genre bending creations and we yet again head on a journey through the MartyParty genre.

“My mission is to change the way people think about electronic music and to bring the art of musical composition back into popular music. My dream is that I inspire others to do the same. We live in a digital world, I’m not interested in emulating anything that has been done before.” – MartyParty

The 12-track release is now available in stores, or help spread the word and download select tracks for FREE. Special thanks goes out to Marc Scheff for the amazing color illustration, Joyce Su Chang for the ongoing and outstanding graphic art for the album and tour, and Sam John at Precise Mastering for the super sonic audio mastering help.



  1. Just Because Of You
  2. Love Doctor
  3. Trick Quit Talking
  4. We Dont Give a Damn
  5. We Can Work It Out
  6. Lookin For Trouble
  7. I’m The Shit Bitch
  8. We Know Who We Are
  9. Chasing The Criminal
  10. Addicted To Money
  11. It Doesnt Matter
  12. Pretty Thoughts

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