• Genre:Purple
  • Release date:13 Nov 2013


  1. MVP Intro
  2. Back to the Crib
  3. All in the Game
  4. Bling Bling
  5. Hood Shaker
  6. Tsunami
  7. Stay Away From Magnets
  8. I'm In the Zone Girl
  9. The Crush is Over
  10. Angry Beethoven
  11. Summer Sex
  12. Maya
  13. Jolene
  14. Big Block
  15. Money is the Motivation
  16. Incognito

MartyParty presents his next solo transmission of panty-dropping bass with his long-format album release, MVPThe 16-track concept collection, meant to be driven from start to end, is a ride through valleys of sultry Purple bass, engine revving dubstep, and curvy switch back excursions around dramatic peaks of instrumental hip hop, downtempo, acid trap, glitch hop, and chill.


Grab a taste of the MVP with a free download of MartyParty and mΔxiavelli’s ‘Angry Beethoven’.

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